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PU Flex Belts.
PU Flex Belts India.
These flex belts are manufactured with truly endless high tensile steel tension cords and wear resistant polyurethane body.Having no splice or welding the belts have no week cross section .

They are therefore ideal for power transmission application and high load conveting application the unique high tech manufacturing process designed allows the production of every belt length tooth by tooth from the min. of 1500 mm to maxium of 22000 mm.

XL 5.08 MM
L 9.525 MM
H 12.70 MM
XH 22.275MM
T5 5.0 MM
T10 10.0 MM
T20 20.0 MM
AT5 5.0 MM
AT10 10.0 MM
AT20 20.0 MM
ATK10 10.0MM
HTD 5M 5.0MM
HTD 8M 8.0MM
HTD 14M 14.0MM
EAGLE 14M 14.0MM